Fayette County has a very strong agricultural sector making the area a great fit for businesses that serve the agricultural industry. Manufacturers of farm machinery, crop chemicals, and seed growers will not only find a healthy market locally but will also enjoy easy access to other important agricultural markets throughout the Midwest and elsewhere.

In addition to traditional crops, Fayette County has seen a surge in the production of organic vegetables for consumer markets and will soon welcome its first fish farming and fertilizer production facility.

The area is also ideal for food and beverage packagers and processors. Fayette County farmers produce millions of bushels of corn and soybeans every year and raise large numbers of hogs and cattle providing a local supply of raw ingredients. And, the county has abundant and clean water resources capable of providing more than enough water to meet processing demands.

Fayette County schools do a great job of preparing workers for jobs in food and agricultural industries. Many students graduate high school with hand-on experience culinary arts, food handling, and agricultural science.

The people of Fayette County have a very strong work ethic owing in large part to the schools that instill this in their students at a young age. Now that Indiana is a right-to-work state, businesses here enjoy the combined benefits of low unionization and hard-working, skilled workers dedicated to their employers.