Connersville and Fayette County, Indiana are conveniently located at the center of a triangle between Indianapolis, Dayton (Ohio), and Cincinnati. Three interstate highways – 70, 74, and 75 – provide direct access to these major markets, just a little more than an hour away.

Fayette County’s location also provides easy access to regional and international airports. Connersville Airport (KCEV), which ranks in the top 3% for airports its size, has a 6,503-foot runway/taxiway and an Instrument Landing System. Indianapolis International Airport (KIND), which is right next door to the Indianapolis FedEx hub, has an 11,200 foot runway. As of 2010, KIND was the sixth largest cargo airport in the country and the FedEx hub was the second largest, offering integrated air cargo services and ground transportation services. Also located nearby, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (KCVG) has a 12,000-foot runway, and Dayton International Airport (KDAY) has a 10,091-foot runway. With three international airports all less than 75 miles from Connersville, Fayette County residents and businesses needing air transportation will find a short route to a lot of options.

Fayette County is served by two railroads — CSX and C&NC.  The C&NC line provides quick access to the Norfolk Southern line that runs just north of the county. Together, these rails provide businesses and industries access to markets all over the world with connections to the nation’s deep water ports and the Great Lakes. Nearby CSX and Norfolk Southern terminals in Indianapolis and Cincinnati also provide intermodal transport services allowing businesses to develop customized shipping solutions to meet their needs.